One Catering is a professional personal chef catering company servicing Riviera del Sol and throughout Andalucia, Spain

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Personal Chef Catering Services in Riviera del Sol

Personal chef services in Riviera del Sol

Have a romantic occasion coming up? Happen to be a group of golfers staying in a private villa for the week and don't want to eat every meal out in a restaurant or settle for second-rate takeaway food? One Catering Riviera del Sol can make the experience something extraordinary at the same price of most restaurants on the Costa del Sol, in the comfort of your own hotel or villa.

From low-budget to haute cuisine...

Our personal chef service includes the simplest form of personal chef catering, similar to that which the Americans refer to as "meals-on-wheels". With this type of personal chef service, we prepare and package up pre-cooked meals of very high quality (and taste of course) for you and your party, and deliver them to you in microwaveable containers for you to simply heat up and serve (and optionally take the credit for). The other end of the spectrum includes an exceptionally talented and accredited specialised chef (e.g. sushi chef, Michelin-rated chef) on-site at your location with a myriad of wait and bar staff to attend to your every need, including delivery and the all-important clean-up.

Personal Chef in Riviera del Sol: Contact Info

As we are often on the move and are not always able to take notes about your personal chef in Riviera del Sol request, we always advise you to email us or use our contact form in the first instance. If you would like us to call you back immediately, please let us know and we will do so as soon as we are able to give you our 100% undivided attention.

** If you want to surprise your loved one with a chef in your own home in Riviera del Sol to make a meal specifically catered to them, just ask - we love making people smile!